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The ACE Awards celebrates people working in the performing arts industry by both competitive awards in many categories and also bestows several varieties of special honors on deserving individuals.

Below is a list of our competitive categories and our honorary awards.


Honorary Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

This Award is given to the person who during their lifetime has made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance in the lives of individuals as well as the field of theatre and Performing Arts.

Artistic Achievement Award

This Award is given to an individual who has made a significant artistic contribution to the Performing Arts Indie Community. The honoree’s achievements, past or present, should have a current influence on our community. Note: This Award is for artistic work from an individual only.

Independent Playwright Award

This Award is given to a person whose writing stands as an example of the innovation, uncompromising vision, heart and spirit that is the Indie Playwright and whose work is also recognized for being a community builder in the Independent Theatre Community.

Outstanding Stage Manager Award

This Award honors the anchors of theatre productions: Stage Managers- first to arrive and last to leave. Stage Managers are the living link between artistic conception, inspiration and practical implementation. This Award is given to Stage Managers of Indie Theatre Productions who have managed a production for the vast majority of that production’s timeline from rehearsal to closing. Eligible productions range from full showcase productions to single performance events and from conventional theatres to virtual stages.

Compet- itive


Categor- ies

Best Stage Play of the Year
Best Musical of the Year
Best Leading Male Actor
Best Leading Female Actor
Best Supporting Male Actor
Best Supporting Female Actor
Best Rising Star (Under 18)
Best Comedian
Best Director of a Stage Play or Musical
Best Stage Manager
Best Choreographer
Best Sound Design
Best Dance Company
Best Short Film
Best Web Series
Best Production Company

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